5 Amazing Brandy Cocktail Recipes for Christmas

5 Amazing Brandy Cocktail Recipes For Christmas

If you look at a cocktail list, you will probably notice that Brandy is the “belle of the ball” with mix after mix to tempt your tastebuds. This is because this iconic spirit possesses the flavour profile and texture to blend into countless creative cocktails. Its amber hue and fruity, woody notes add an eloquent and tasty note to any drink.

It may surprise you to know that making classic Brandy cocktails is something you can do at home and what better time of year is there than the festive holidays? If you want to avoid large gatherings outside, dig out that bottle of Brandy from the back of your cupboard, dust it off and make Christmas cocktails with your family that will even impress your friends and relatives (from a safe distance).

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Champagne Cocktail

We all know that a party does not begin until you have popped the champagne. Brandy blends beautifully with bubbly in a Champagne Cocktail guaranteed to get your guests in a festive mood. The flavours of a good spicy brandy complement the bready tones of a nice champagne, so bring out the best to make this classy cocktail. Pour a serving of Martell VSOP into a fizz flute and add those bubbles! It looks good, it sounds good and it tastes divine.

Tom and Jerry Cocktail

If Christmas is not Christmas for you without eggnog, you are in luck. The Tom and Jerry Cocktail is a smooth, creamy blend of festive deliciousness that fits the bill for a drinks party or dinner. Blend a dram of Brandy with dark rum, mix in an egg and finish off with hot milk. Stir to within an inch of its life to create a silky, velvety cocktail that not only tickles the tastebuds, but also makes you feel like you’re in the middle of a European Christmas Market, sipping on a classic winter cocktail!

Brandy Cocktail

The simple yet sumptuous brandy cocktail is a great welcome drink for your guests. An aged Brandy like Martell VSOP is the ideal key ingredient to this cocktail because of its smooth blend which is enhanced by the other ingredients. Simply take a measure of Brandy and pour over ice into a long glass. Add a little curaçao and two drops of Angostura bitters then stir well with a bar spoon. Voila! You have an elegant and smooth Brandy Cocktail.


This famous drink is Brandy’s spiritual cocktail home and if you are throwing a dinner party it is an ideal aperitif. Take a dram of Brandy and pour into a tumbler. Add a measure of sweet vermouth to bring out the nutty notes of the Brandy, throw in a little ice and stir well. If you think the Metropolitan smells good, wait until you taste it! This lovely mix freshens the palate before dinner.

Brandy Alexander

Another Brandy cocktail which is a highlight in any festive celebration is the Brandy Alexander. If you are holding a small cocktail gathering, this sweet mix adds variety to your bar menu.

If you are serving lunch or dinner, the Brandy Alexander can stand as a dessert or pair perfectly with a festive sweet. Simple but sensational, take a couple of measures of a smooth Brandy like Martell VSOP, put in the fanciest glass you have, add crème de cacao and a few dashes of cream and you have a delicious, decadent cocktail fit for Christmas.

That just leaves us to say “cheers” and while we love Brandy, it is not the only festive spirit on the block.

There are plenty of wines and spirits you can choose from this Christmas. For all you Whisky fans out there, Whisky features in countless cocktails, and blends like Jack Daniel’s and Hibiki Master Select add quality flavour to the mix.

Why not check out some recipes for Whisky cocktails that you can also make at home?

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