6 Fun and Easy Holiday Whisky Cocktails to Make at Home

6 Fun And Easy Holiday Whisky Cocktails To Make At Home(1)

Whisky is one of the most popular spirits in cocktail recipes so if you want to jazz it up, you will surely find a drink that floats your boat when you browse our range of alcohol choices online in Singapore.

Make life easier for yourself by browsing and buying whisky online so you can save time and focus on the fun part; creating the cocktails!

Clear the counter and get out your muddler for these easy whisky cocktail recipes for the festive holidays.

Whisky Hot Toddy

Imagine your guests’ grateful faces when they arrive from the cold December night at your holiday party and you offer them a Whisky Hot Toddy. This cocktail is so effective and satisfying, it should not be so simple to make.

All you do is fill a heat resistant glass or snazzy party mug with a measure of whisky, add a heaped teaspoon of honey then squirt in a generous amount of lemon juice. Fill the glass with hot water to just below the rim and stir well until the honey dissolves.

For a festive note, sprinkle in some cinnamon and cloves. Steamy and delicious, a Whisky Hot Toddy is a great way to start any evening!

Old Fashioned

This traditional mix is fantastic for getting your guests to let their hair down at your holiday get together. It is simple too. Take a tumbler and fill with ice then pour in a dram of a smooth, fruity whisky like Balvenie.

Add a dash of bitters and a healthy splash of soda water then mix well. To add some panache to the Old Fashioned, garnish it with a wedge of orange or lemon. To really get into the holiday spirit, sprinkle the rim of the glass with a dash of edible gold glitter.

Whisky Cobbler

This is a great cocktail for fruit lovers, and it looks fantastic. You can use either a long glass or a tumbler for this fruity blend. Add a teaspoon of honey to a measure of a spicy whisky such as Jack Daniel’s and mix well until the liquid is syrupy.

Throw in plenty of pieces of orange and lemon for zest plus raspberries for a lovely tart burst and splash of colour. You can enjoy it straight with the fruit soaking up the whisky or fill the glass with club soda for a spritzy Whisky Cobbler. A little crushed ice makes this cocktail look even prettier.

Whisky Highball

The ionic Whisky Highball is as simple a cocktail as it comes yet one of the best and most-loved around. The two ingredients of whisky and ginger ale go perfectly together because the spicy soda brings out the aged fruity notes of the spirit.

Pour a dram of whisky into a tall glass then fill the remainder with ginger ale.  Add ice for a more refreshing taste and why not freeze the glass for a short time beforehand to give it a festive, icy sheen?

Its smooth blend makes Japanese Whisky a premier choice for a Highball in Singapore.

Winter Whisky Julep

One of the most quintessential flavours of the holiday season is mint. It goes with sleigh rides, mistletoe, and reindeer like a hand in glove.

Bring this holiday taste into your cocktails in a refreshing Winter Whisky Julep. Put a generous bunch of mint in a tumbler and douse with a serving of whisky. Mash them up together to release fresh mint aromas, add and stir well.

Who would have thought woody whisky and cooling mint would go so well?

Irish Coffee

This is an all-time winter warmer in colder countries and there is no better excuse to serve it than over the festive holidays (especially since most of us are not travelling).

It can be ideal if you are having friends over for coffee, as an after-dinner drink with mints or simply as a cosy way of having a mini gathering together.

Although its name suggests the Irish variety, you can use any type of whisky you like. Hibiki Master Select in particular, goes great in this warming drink.

Pour a measure into a high glass mug, add steaming hot coffee, two spoonfuls of brown sugar and mix to a smooth blend with a bar spoon. Top it off with a hefty dollop of whipped cream and sprinkle with brown sugar and cinnamon. Enjoy!

If Whisky is considered by many to be the king of cocktails, then Brandy would be the queen and Martell VSOP would be the empress! If you want to start making some easy Brandy cocktail recipes at home also, check them out here!