Red Wine Recommendations for Valentine’s Day

Red Wine Recommendations For Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day – the day when it is so easy to hurt someone’s feeling by failing to give the right gift or offend by not giving anything at all. So many things can go wrong on this day of love; it is no surprise that you may be feeling stressed out at the thought of getting it all wrong.

Amidst the fears of the community infections, many may cancel their dinner plans and opt for a safer celebration at home. No worries, this year, celebrate Valentine’s with our Valentine’s Day Specials and choose from various wine and spirits selections at the comfort of your own home!

The good news is that no matter how long you have known someone, be it for years or weeks, a bottle of wine always impresses. A good red speaks of class and just the right amount of effort.

The key is to choose a wine that blends elegance with passion. If you are looking for a few additional red wine picks, read on!


Pinot Noir

France has long been associated with l’amour and it offers plenty of wines that can send a message of love to your Valentine.

With so many world-class regions and wines, it is hard to know where to begin. We suggest a good Burgundy. Made with the elusive Pinot Noir grape, a wine from this iconic area speaks of rarity and quality. What better message can you send to your loved one than this on Valentine’s Day?

Polished and plush, Domaine Jerome & Benoit Sordet Pommard is the perfect choice for February 14th. It boasts the fun bright red fruit of Pinot Noir, earthy tones and is full of style.


Sparkling Red

Australian winemakers have given us many fine things and right up there among the finest is sparkling red wine.

A bubbly red sings of light-hearted yet genuine love. This is especially true for Majella Sparkling Shiraz 2012, a sparkling Shiraz that both caresses taste buds and romantic sensibility. It is made with the renowned and exclusive “Traditional Method” that has made Champagne famous. This means that this bubbly Shiraz goes through a second bottle fermentation for extra flavour and fizz. Vivid dark red with plum, raspberry, and blackberry notes, the palate is complex, smooth, and luscious with a fine persistent mousse.

It is a little bit different, glamorous, festive, and romantic so the perfect choice when you are shopping online for alcohol or liquor for Valentine’s Day.


Italian Rosso

France is one of the most romantic countries on earth but then so is Italy! You cannot pick and choose red wine for February 14th without checking out what Italian beauties can fit the bill.

Go straight to the Veneto region where, not only will you find Verona of Romeo and Juliet fame, but some of the richest, lushest, red wines in Italy. One of the most well-known reds is the intense yet refined Valpolicella which makes a perfect Valentine’s Day wine. Zeni Amarone Valpolicella DOCG is a passionate ruby red with a fruity nose and ripe, spicy, balanced palate. Luxuriously velvety, this wine is as romantic as they come.


So, there you have it – some top red wine recommendations for Valentine’s Day. The key is to go for something a little bit special because your amour and the day of love both deserve it.

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