Why Aged Bourbon is Worth the Wait

why aged bourbon is worth the wait

It’s an age-old argument: old bourbon or new bourbon? If we’re honest here, the answer isn’t as straightforward as it seems.

Seasoned whisky drinkers and alcohol tasters argue that nothing beats the taste of bourbon that is as old as 10-14 years. There is no doubt that bourbon tastes better over a period of time. But there are some conditions to this.

Let’s get right into the plus points of aged bourbon!

Barrell Aging vs. Bottle Aging 

Most people argue that for bourbon to age well, it has to age inside a barrel. Bottled aging does not make the cut. The longer bourbon is left in the barrel, the more it comes in contact with vanillin (giving it a hint of vanilla-like flavour) and lactones (giving it a buttery flavour).

Not only does the barrel improve the taste of the drink, but it also removes any undesirable flavors and moves them to the interior of the barrel structure. This effectively removes the harsh taste that younger bourbon very clearly has.

However, the bourbon tastes best within a maximum of 14 years. Anything more than 15 years and it might start tasting a little bitter or sour because of the notes that it will pick up from the barrel. Some professionals believe that ten years is the perfect sweet spot. 

Does the same aging process happen inside a bottle? Professionals claim that bottled aging is also possible, but it takes a significantly longer time. This is why you will see that older bourbon is much heavier on your wallet compared to its younger counterpart.

The Sophistication Of Aged Bourbon

As the bourbon gets older inside the barrel, it develops better character, taste, and refinement. It starts to mix much better with cocktails and retains its smoothness, so you can also enjoy it neat. This makes it a very versatile addition to any bar.

Older bourbon retains a strong spicy kick. But it has some additional notes of creamy vanilla. It may also have the occasional hint of dried fruit notes, such as raisins or dates. All these flavours are distinct and clearly recognizable. They don’t drown each other out, and you will be able to taste separate hints of all these flavours as you take every sip.

You will find yourself sipping on a sweet yet spicy and smoky drink that is rich and smooth. It is also extremely aromatic and heavily flavourful.

We are sure that you now know that older bourbon offers a refined getaway from its younger, more easily accessible counterpart. Granted, it is a long wait and may be a little extravagant sometimes, but we guarantee that it is worth your time, money, and energy! Get ready to sip on your little piece of heaven!

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