Black Nikka Rich Blend 180Ml

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Now, with their new ?Rich Blend?, Nikka is trying to appeal to those who?ve been drinking their whiskies highball-style for a while and are ready for something a bit more ? well, ?rich?. They are specifically promoting the ?Rich Blend? as a whisky that is great ?on the rocks? and as the perfect ?house whisky? for seasoned whisky drinkers. ?Black Nikka Rich Blend? is built around non-peated and lightly-peated Miyagikyo malt with a heavily-peated Yoichi dressing, with key-components matured in ex-sherry casks. The complexity of the malts – sweet and full-bodied – is balanced by a lightness supplied by the Coffey grain. It?s a completely different profile from the standard ?Black Nikka?.

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Dimensions Size of bottle: 0.18 litres

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