Yamazaki Bordeaux Wine Cask 2020 Edition 700ml

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Yamazaki is enhanced with a pleasant sweet and sour note from wine casks. Suntory imports ex-wine casks from France and “rigorously” inspects them before using them to age Yamazaki. If you enjoy that feature of Yamazaki, try this bottle, which is a combination of whiskies aged only in wine casks.

This limited edition single malt was distilled at the world-famous Yamazaki distillery and then aged in a Bordeaux Wine Cask, which has brought a mellow sweetness to the spirit that is backed up by a faint sourness on the end. It’s a fruity, complex, and rich expression that delivers on the nose, tongue, and finish, as we’ve come to expect from Suntory and Yamazaki. Despite the lack of an age declaration, this whisky manages to engage the intellect and taste buds, keeping you on your toes and leaving you wanting more. A true joy.

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