Zacapa Royal (Solera Gran Reserva Especial) + Gb

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In accordance with the tradition of Zacapa, the Zacapa Royal is obtained from so-called “virgin sugar cane honey”. This means that it is made from sugar cane that has been pressed first. After distillation, it was subjected to the special maturing process of Zacapa, the so-called “Sistema Solera”. The Master Blender of Zacapa has selected the rarest and best matured rums in the cellars of Guatemala and combined them to create the Zacapa Royal.
He received a special finish in French oak barrels.

The slow maturation of the Zacapa’s contributes significantly to the development of its special taste.The stunning special release from Zacapa. This Guatemalan classic won Gold at the International Rum Festival, and won the Platinum award in the Super-Premium category in 2002. This is an incredible extra old rum, which picks up awards wherever it goes.

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Dimensions Size of bottle: 0.70 litres

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