Hendrick’s Amazonia Gin 1L

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A tropical and lively gin with a finely balanced blend of fruit and floral aromas while preserving the classic Hendrick’s Gin profile. Exploring Venezuela’s Amazon rainforest and jungles had a lasting influence on Lesley that continues to motivate her to this day.

It took a risky journey into the Amazon jungle to find the exact magnificent botanicals Ms. Lesley Gracie intended for Hendrick’s Amazonia Gin. This limited-release, vibrant, tropical gin is inspired by her daring voyage.

The fresh, vivid notes characteristic of local jungle plants perfectly highlight Hendrick’s distinctive mix of cucumber and rose. Hendrick’s Amazonia Gin is devilishly fantastic in cocktails, especially the gin classics listed below: The freshness of Hendrick’s Amazonia enlivens the gimlet; the fresh, verdant flavour profile invigorates all punches; and the Pina Colada is given a new scintillatingly exotic depth. The seductively rich blend of coffee and gin’s tropical aromas make Hendrick’s Amazonia a delightful gin base for the Espresso Martini. It’s also completely out of this world for the beloved Corpse Reviver and the superb Tom Collins, two fantastically unusual gin cocktails.

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