Roku Gin 700ml

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A bottle design that reflects Japanese aesthetics. The six natural Japanese botanicals are engraved on the hexagonal bottle, which represents ROKU (‘six’ in Japanese). Ingredients: Sakura blossom, Sakura leaf, Yuzu peel, Sencha (green tea), Gyokuro (refined green tea), and Sanshō pepper. Six Japanese botanicals grown over four seasons were painstakingly chosen to create ROKU, Japan’s original craft gin. Each plant was collected at the peak of its season to extract the most flavour, and then distilled to fully embody nature’s bounty.

ROKU’s balanced flavour is the result of blending the harvest from all four seasons. Cherry blossom and green tea add a floral and sweet perfume to this rich, multilayered, yet harmonious blend of botanicals. Traditional gin flavour in the base, with unique Japanese plant flavours, including yuzu at the top note. The smooth and silky smoothness is complemented by a hint of spice from the crisp Japanese sansho pepper.

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Dimensions Size of bottle: 0.7 litres
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