Graham’s 40 Years Tawny 750ml

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The oldest in Graham’s normal line, this 40-year-old tawny release from the legendary port company. Master blender Charles Symington developed this mix from wines laid down by his father, uncles, grandfather, and great-grandfather. It has a rich nose with a strong scent that belies its age. It has a wide range of flavours on the palate, from delicate fruit and raisins to toasted toffee and chocolate, with an exceptional aftertaste. To be drunk slightly cold. Once opened, consume within 4-6 weeks

A genuinely outstanding wine that has been cared for over generations. A wonderful tribute to the blending, cooperage, and aging techniques.

This 40-year-old Tawny is a tribute to patience and time. This amazing wine, made from wines saved for generations, has an incredibly long aftertaste, suggesting both its age and enormous quality.

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