Dalwhinnie 30 Years 700ml

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This expression is both more rounded than its younger brothers and adopts a spicier outlook on life. It is a wonderful, delicately balanced, and supple old Dalwhinnie with a depth of flavour that rewards thoughtful appreciation.

At its full natural strength, the flavour is large, creamy-smooth, and mouth-filling. Its initial flavour is deeply sweet, waxy, and spicy, with a hint of salt and an alluring, gradually developing peppery warmth that lasts all the way to the finish. When a fair drop of water is added, the flavor maintains the same after being slightly decreased and transforms into a sweet, expertly balanced, and delectable beverage. Long and warmingly spicy, with a wonderfully earthy aftertaste that makes the mouth tingle. The finish is lengthened and the spice is toned down with a little water.
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Dimensions Size of bottle: 0.7 litres
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SKU: CWS12264 Categories: , , , , , Country: Scotland Varietal: Single Malt Region: Highland Vintage: 30 Years Old Alcohol Percentage: 51.9%