Hennessy Paradis 700ml

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Hennessy Paradis is distinguished by its charming personality and quickly captivates with its deep copper colour. It is a superbly balanced combination that is both voluptuous and round, with smoothness and strength combined with a velvety texture. Naturally, it has a flavourful, rich, and long-lasting finish.

Maurice Fillioux founded Hennessy Paradis in 1979 as a tribute to symphonic music. He compared the combination to a symphonic orchestra, describing it as “classical music that transports you and connects with your emotions.” The quantity of instruments in an orchestra is not always a good indicator of its success, but rather the purity of sound and the conductor’s virtuosity. The same can be said for Hennessy Paradis, a blend of great eaux-de-vie chosen for their particular characteristics in order to create a harmonious and graceful cognac.

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