Hennessy Xo 700ml

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Maurice Hennessy invented Hennessy X.O for his friends in 1870, introducing a new kind of cognac. Hennessy X.O is the Original, the Hennessy Maison’s iconic symbol. The eaux-de-vie of this Hennessy X.O cognac are deep and robust, aged in young barrels and distinguished by their force and energy, but also by their ability to attain a tremendous roundness over time.

Candied fruit tastes gently welcome the palette. With the interesting impression of a powerful, rising heat, the nuanced taste of eaux-de-vie gently matured in oak barrels is slowly revealed. A powerful spicy cognac note tantalizes the lips and palate with its distinct peppery flavour blended with a hint of chocolate.A warm wave rises, crests, and then breaks. There is a strong presence, full and sensual. There is a gradual realization of something extremely familiar. It has the full flavour of a rich, dark chocolate.The powerful ebb and flow of oak notes interwoven with vanilla creates a remarkable experience.The evanescent wood notes leave behind a lengthy, pervasive aftertaste. It seems to echo all of the intricacies of each flavour and sensation that has come before it.

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