Krug Grand Cuvee 170 Edition 750ml

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A pale gold tint with delicate, bright bubbles that promise to delight. Aromas of ripe, dried, and citrus fruits, as well as marzipan and gingerbread, pervade this wine. On the palate, there are notes and flavours of grilled almond paste, quince, lemon, limoncello, and dried fruit.

Krug Grande Cuvée is the result of one man’s goal, Joseph Krug, to create the greatest Champagne he could every year, regardless of seasonal differences. The House of Krug has honored this goal with each new Édition of Krug Grande Cuvée: the most generous expression of Champagne, since 1843.

Beyond the concept of vintage, Krug Grande Cuvée is re-created each year and is a blend of over 120 unique wines from more than ten different years. The depth of flavours and aromas created via this rigorous skill of mixing would be hard to express with single-year wines.

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